Pauline Bailey

  • Clinic Principal

Pauline spent much of her childhood in Africa, the Far East and the Mediterranean, where she was exposed to many different forms of health care in a variety of different cultures. This led to a lifelong interest in understanding how different treatments can impact on all levels of health. After graduating in Biology and Environmental Science at the University of Manchester, she obtained a post-graduate Certificate in Education.

It was whilst teaching science that she became aware of how poor postural habits were developing at very young ages and affecting the health of schoolchildren. Since establishing the clinics in Sevenoaks and Beckenham, she has concentrated on massage therapy as a means to improve health, reduce stress levels and improve the condition of muscles and joints. Pauline says

“Massage is used in many cultures as a treatment of choice for a variety of health issues and is for people of all ages. Unfortunately it is still underutilized in many Western countries”.

Working closely with the chiropractors, her treatments are specifically tailored to each patient’s condition and she provides a range of massage styles, including Sports and Deep Tissue Massage for specific injuries as well as Therapeutic Massage for general relaxation and stress relief. Pauline will also give you advice on postural exercises and stretches where appropriate.

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